PLS 180 Self Leveling 180 degree Palm Laser

PLS 180 Laser
PLS 180 Laser
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Product Description
Made in the USA. With the PLS180 you can create bright vertical and horizontal reference laser lines from floor to ceiling, wall to wall. Choose between generating a horizontal, vertical, or both horizontal and vertical laser beams. The PLS180 is ideal for all interior remodeling wall tile, cabinets, countertops, moulding, and carpentry work. It can also be used outside with a range up to 200+ ft with the SLD laser detector (optional). The PLS180 is compatible with all camera tripods having a 1/4" x 20 thread. The PLS180 comes with a magnetic wall bracket with easy attachment to metal studs. A canvas carrying case and hard-shelled carrying case is also included. The PLS180 is fast, accurate, and portable making alignment projects so easy!!


One person horizontal and vertical leveling increasing productivity with fast setups and automatic self-leveling

Choose between single horizontal, single vertical, or both horizontal and vertical laser beams

Working Range: 100+ ft. (200+ ft. with SLD Laser Detector)

Accuracy: 1/8" @ 30 ft

Laser Fan Angle: 180 floor to ceiling; wall to wall

Includes magnetic wall bracket, canvas carrying case, and hard-shelled carrying case

Wide self-leveling range of +/-6 for easy setups

Laser is brighter than most rotary lasers for a fraction of the cost

Fast, accurate, portable saving you time and money

Uses 1/4" x 20 thread which adapts to all camera tripods

1 yr warranty


Wall tile, countertops, moulding, carpentry, cabinets Acoustic ceilings, wallpaper, drywall, windows, doors Checking/setting elevations, concrete forms, footings, and foundations for small-sized jobs


PLS180 Self-Leveling Laser Canvas Carrying Pouch Magnetic Wall Bracket Hard Shelled Carrying Case Operating Manual AA Batteries 1 Year Warranty


Working Range: 100' Accuracy: 1/8" @ 100' Power Supply: 3 AA Batteries Working Time: 30+ hrs Self-leveling range= 6